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Gay For You: A love ballad for everyone



Love has been inspiring artists since the beginning of time, but mostly their art transmits or captures the feelings of romance between man and woman, due to this, it is refreshing and very much appreciated when an artist makes an effort to create something that is not limited to heterosexual love alone. The united states band Tidal Babes finishes off their new EP with their song, “Gay For You”, that does just that.

Tidal Babes is a Dirty Beach Pop-Rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Its members are Lyndsi Austin, Chris Qualls, and Danny DeLeon. With several songs and music videos released, they have already acquired some fame and this past month they released their debut EP titled “OMG”.

Two of the members from the band agreed to a short interview in which they told us more about what the song means for them and what inspired them to write and compose “Gay For You”.

Gay for You was written about two people that are crushing on each other. We intentionally didn’t mention any gender to keep it open to interpretation. Love is love, no matter who it is. We use the phrase “gay for you” as a way of saying that you’re crazy about someone. It was written with everyone in mind, including the LGBTQ community.

Lyndsi Austin

The inspiration for «Gay For You» is that feeling when you just can’t fight your attraction to another person.  That moment when the chemistry is just too much, and you give in.  When the rest of the world just fades away and nothing else matters… we knew we wanted to close the «OMG ep» with a song that was slow and meaningful. 

Chris Qualls

Beyond the feeling of attachment that I have for this song due to its LGBTQ community inclusion I must say that the lyrics feel very real due to the slow and melancholic melody that accompanies them. Equally enjoyable is the fact that you can almost touch the romance that the song describes thanks to Lyndsi’s amazing voice. All the songs in the new EP from Tidal Babes are filled with a playful, yet relaxed energy that makes them perfect to enjoy by yourself or at a party with friends.

You can listen “Gay For You” and the other songs in “OMG” at:

To learn more about Tidal Babes visit:

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