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Jasdavi, an amazing artist of homo erotic illustrations



The creative process by which an artist summons inspiration in order to be able to create art is incredible varied from individual to individual. After having interviewed various artists of the yaoi and bara genre, I decided to investigate more about this subject and what is required to be a successful artist of homo erotic illustrations.


To learn more about this, I asked the help of an excellent German bara/yaoi artist that is known online under the name of Jasdavi. Mainly known by his comic book original characters, this talented young man started sharing his drawings on 2010 and created his first comic “After Party” on 2014. Nowadays, he has a world fanbase with more than 23 thousand followers in Twitter alone, and he allowed a brief interview to reveal a little about his creative process and what his mind needs to create amazing, and sexy, illustrations.

Where do you mostly get ideas or inspiration for your erotic bara/yaoi art? (porn, your own fantasies, own experiences, other bara/yaoi art)

I get inspired by other people’s art online most of the time. I also follow some porn actors, so I am not missing out on potential references haha. But it’s not just explicit stuff I‘m interested in. I like design and art in general. For my stories and characters, it’s a bit different. Usually a story develops out of combining things I like. Also picking up clichés or just fooling around can make a story or a character.

Normally, what is your creative process like (from start to finish) when drawing a new image or comic book?

With illustrations I sometimes have a certain feeling or expression in mind. Keywords like: Demon, Size difference, Piercings, affection, and many other, help me finding a direction. I start thinking of a pose. I draw a thumbnail version of the pose, when I draw digital. Because it forces me to stay simple and I can scale it up and elaborate on a second layer anytime. If I do fanart, I dig out a lot of references. After the sketch, I start inking and usually I color digitally or with copic marker.

With comics, I make a script first, thinking about the base for the plot. I write out a dialogue which serves as a guideline. I do a thumbnail storyboard of some pages and start working. During the whole process of sketching the page in original size, inking and screen toning, new pieces of dialogue or action come to my mind. Once I drew the pages of the storyboard I did so far, the whole process repeats itself, until the comic is finished. With the last comic I also had a proof reader who helped me a lot with my English.

How long does it normally take you to draw a comic and illustration?

An illustration usually takes me about 4-7 hours. A comic can take up to 6 months, because I do a lot of other things in between. But the pure drawing time might end up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Is there anything in specific that you do before starting to draw/write that helps you focus, or that you feel improves on the quality of your work? I put on some music sometimes and just dance for an hour before I start drawing haha. It helps me get my head clear. Also taking a walk and a cup of coffee is something I usually consider.

What would you say is the biggest challenge when drawing erotic/pornographic art?

It depends on what the goals are. The anatomy needs to be convincing, but not necessarily correct all the way. I think as with every artist, the biggest challenge is to find an art style you’re comfortable and confident with, and that also attracts a broad audience.

When it comes to drawing male genitalia what do you normally use as reference? (your own genitals, other guys genitals, anatomy books, others) 

I looked at bara and yaoi comics, to see how they drew the dicks. I noted what I liked and don’t like. That’s how I improved drawing them myself. It also helped me to think more about the silhouette, as many Japanese manga are censored, leaving only the outline.

What is the purpose behind your erotic comics and illustrations? What do you seek to instill in your fans after they see one of your art pieces?

It’s erotic, so I guess the purpose is rather obvious, isn’t it? haha But if it gets people to crack a smile, I’m happy too. I just want to contribute to this genre, whatever you may call it and be a part of it.

Are there any fetishes you particularly enjoy using in your art? Are there any fetishes you would never use?

When I do, I like to include them with a sense of humor. Tentacles are fun, because you can skip drawing a second person. I usually avoid drawing fetishes, I don’t really understand.

Jasdavi started to get interested in the bara/yaoi scene thanks to the works of Takeshi Matsu and Mentaiko in 2010. Nowadays, he is studying to earn a Master’s on editorial design while he continues to publish illustrations and comic books through his social media. To see more of his art, and support his upcoming projects, visit:





You can also read two of his comic books (“After Party” and “Keep it Clean”) here:



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